Greasing the union wheels…

The NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) ignored tens of thousands of comments from conservative activists and pushed its controversial Ambush Election rule, that shortens time before union-organizing elections to as few as ten days. The activists asked the NLRB not to rig the rules. In November, 2011 the board ignored comments and finalized the rule.

Some elected representatives tried to remind these unaccountable bureaucrats not to use their positions in the Obama regime to rig rules to favor political allies. Average time between filling a request for an organizing election and the election being held is usually 38 days, enough time for both sides to make their case and then allow the workers a vote. Big Labor doesn’t consider the issues; time is of the essence and the longer the time, the fewer workers want to buy in. The Obama NLRB wants companies unionized, period. The shorter the time the better.

Senator Mike Enzi’s resolution, S.J. Res. 36, was meant to overturn NLRB’s “Ambush Election” Rule. Many Tea Party groups were urging their senators to back this effort, to stop the over-reach of the NLRB. But it LOST today in the Senate: 45 to 54. So the union coercion will toughen.

But consider this:

  • Unions win 87% of the elections when they’re held 11 to 15 days after the request for an election.
  • Union elections succeed less than 60% of the time when the vote occurs after 36-40 days.
  • In January, 2012 President Obama illegally appointed two Dems and one Repub to the NLRB.
  • Labor unions spent $50.5 million lobbying Congress in 2011.
  • In the 2008 elections, 90% of the contributions made by one of the largest labor unions, the AFL-CIO, went to Democrat campaigns; 10% went to Republicans.

The Obama administration plan to reverse the demise of unions continues as planned. As it proceeds unhindered by weak Republican efforts to thwart it, the economy will continue to worsen and small businesses, forced to unionize with less than a thirty-day window, will continue to close their doors, unable to combat the union pressure.

The money laundering operation between unions and the Democrat Party continues, well-greased.  ~JMB


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